Peak Volleyball Camps

Camp Director Mike Welch has been a proud member of the American Volleyball Coaches Association (AVCA) since 1990.


PEAK Volleyball Camps.  Reach your Peak.  Volleyball attributes.

         Our mission. It is our guiding star that gives us philosophical direction in all that we do.





P     Positive atmosphere. We coach with positive coaching and positive reinforcement.


E     Enjoy what you do with passion. Our goal is to fuel our player's passion to participate and excel in volleyball.


A     Accomplish you personal best. Our coaches work hard to help players become their personal best and pursue their goals.


K     Knowledge to play smart and improve. We coach with a "carry forward" process, which allows players to learn the game and continue to improve after the last session of camp is finished. We also help players learn about how they can make their performance more efficient.


Reach your Peak with PEAK Volleyball Camps.


A peak performance is when you perform at the top of your game. Its about giving and being your personal best.


Peak Volleyball Key Words >>>


What we do each and every session:


  • We care and have compassion for each and every person at our camps.
  • We work hard to implement a team atmosphere, positive training culture, and supportive teammates within every group to raise the confidence of each and every player.
  • We teach character and acknowledging others in the ultimate spirit of team sports.
  • We have fun and motivating sessions.  We turn drills into games by keeping score and making competitive scenarios.
  • We use sound training principles based on becoming more effective, efficient, powerful, and ultimately successful.
  • We bring high energy to every session and keep things moving with a fast pace.
  • We have a high attention to detail.
  • We believe in players learning to have personal accountability with their actions.
  • We give lot's of individual feedback to each player.
  • We teach volleyball IQ. Players from our program understand the keys to how and why.  We put players in a position to develop on-court problem solving skills.
  • We systematically implement team communication within our drills and games.
  • We will use cutting edge technology with HD video, instant video feedback, speed radar gun, and other technological advances that our players would not normally have as a resource on a daily basis.
  • Our sound principles are designed to integrate with a multitude of styles. There are as many ways to be successful as there are winning international teams, colleges, club, and high school programs!   We work with you and your teams to reach your peak performance.
  • Our focused attention is on keys to help you become more effective, efficient, powerful, and the ultimate teammate.
  • Our goal will always be to help you become your personal best.


Why choose our camps?


Our coaches make the difference.  We have been running our volleyball camps for over 20 years.  In all Peak Volleyball Camps, Mike or the designated expert coach works directly with each and every player.  Every player works with the lead coach at every camp.  That is much different than many college camps where the head coach may come by and visit your court for a short period of time, then spend a majority of their time with a select few potential recruits.  Other camps also send out players who are just starting to develop their coaching experience... with you.  Our camps do not ship out random coaches to your location.  We hand pick and groom our coaching staff.  Our coaches have worked within our programs.  We are a cadre and a tight knit club.  Consistency is critical.  Our integration of coaches ensures that consistency is occurring from coach to to coach, court to court, and location to location.


We focus on creating an amazing team atmosphere. Volleyball is the ultimate team sport. How players interact with teammates and coaches will influence the success the team will experience. We develop a championship team culture.  Quality people make a quality experience.  Sport is about people.


What is Peak?


A peak is when you perform at the top of your game. Playing your best. What goes into achieving your peak?  First, players must have fundamental skills they can always rely on as the rock solid foundation to their game.  Second, is having the game smarts to be able to problem solve on the fly during challenging situations.  Third, is the confidence knowing you can perform perfectly on the very next ball.  Finally, players who are at their peak performance are always in automatic mode.  Their game flows and efficient skills happen naturally.  When in automatic mode, athletes trust their bodies will perform the skills necessary to pursue their specific objectives.  Players have an external and finite focus on what they want to accomplish.  Learning occurs internally.  Your peak comes from when you have done your internal learning in such a way that you can trust to just think externally.  Go out and have a Peak Volleyball day.